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5 Ways to reduce your plastic consumption while traveling

We've done our fair share of traveling and have seen the devastation caused by plastic food and drink packaging in some of the world's most beautiful locations. Often this plastic waste isn't properly recycled or disposed of as many of these countries simply don't have the resources to pay for the appropriate waste management. 

So we want to end this. It is entirely possible to avoid using single use plastics that are simply thrown away (and could ultimately end up anywhere on our beautiful planet). Who likes a golden, sandy beach covered in plastic bottles?!

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Here are the top five tips for ways to avoid using these horrible plastics while you are away: 

  1. Bring your own reusable containers - Purchase yourself a good, reusable, eco-friendly water bottle. This is simple and a no brainer. Billions of plastic bottles are used every year and buying a stainless steel bottle to use on your travels will contribute to reducing this. 
  2. Leave the free hotel shampoos - If you're lucky enough to be staying in hotels while your traveling it might be tempting to take the free hotel shampoos, but did you know that all those partially used small plastic bottle are thrown away and never reused? Instead try and bring your own plastic free soap and products with minimal packaging.  
  3. Stop using plastic straws - Over 500 million plastic straws are thrown away in the US every day alone. We all know socializing while traveling is very important and this usually involves a few drinks. Saying no to plastic straw is one of the simplest changes we can all make. If you really want a straw there are many alternatives on the market from bamboo to stainless steel straws. Give them a try! 
  4. If your offered say no - It's easy to say no. We can all be more conscious about the plastic which we use. If you're asked if you want a plastic bag or straw just say no. This isn't just relevant to traveling but something we can do in our everyday life. 
  5. Go natural - most of our food nowadays comes in plastic package. If you buy natural food a lot of this can be found without being wrapped in plastic packaging. Enjoy natures natural packaging and grab a banana or orange.


Start your change today!